Sell-Side Services

Sell-Side Services

Our Sell-Side Services at HWG Capital are meticulously crafted to yield multiple offers significantly above conventional valuations. We bring a high level of representation to the table, considering various factors such as cash at closing, suitor motivation, ability to close the deal, and due diligence timelines.

We can advise our client in all these matters.

Our strategic approach ensures clients secure favorable deals while efficiently managing the complexities of the sales process.

  1. Obtain company financials and initiate the valuation process.
  2. Deliver company valuation as needed.
  3. Develop a financial model with the company for prospective acquirers/investors.
  4. Prepare a blind profile describing the company.
  5. Obtain client approval of the blind profile.
  6. Craft detailed confidential memorandums for prospective acquirers/investors.
  7. Obtain client approval of memorandums.
  8. Identify and prioritize specific potential acquirers/investors in consultation with the company.
  9. Research and identify general potential acquirers/investors.
  1. Implement a marketing campaign by contacting Buyout Groups.
  2. Obtain signed non-disclosure agreements and provide confidential memorandums to prospective acquirers/investors.
  3. Commence solicitation of specifically named potential acquirers/investors.
  4. Research and obtain contact information for general potential acquirers/investors.
  5. Commence solicitation of general potential acquirers/investors.
  6. Obtain signed non-disclosure agreements from general prospective acquirers/investors.
  7. Provide interested general prospective acquirers/investors with a qualifying buyer profile.
  8. Review qualifying buyer profiles.
  1. Solicit preliminary indications of terms and assist the company in determining suitable prospects.
  2. Assist in preparing letters of intent or offers to purchase.
  3. Aid in negotiating letters of intent with prospects having the best combination of terms.
  4. If applicable, assist in bridging the contingent liability gap through insurance solutions.
  5. Finalize and obtain signatures on the offer to purchase.
  1. Assist the company in the final due diligence process.
  2. Aid in negotiating the final terms of the purchase agreement and facilitate closing.
  3. If appropriate, manage a third-party stock sale to optimize tax efficiency.

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