Buy-Side Services

Buy-Side Services

Navigating the complexities of acquisitions requires a strategic and sophisticated approach. At HWG Capital, we offer unparalleled Buy-Side Services designed to secure advantageous deals for our clients. Here’s how we do it:

We can advise our client in all these matters.

Our sophisticated approach ensures clients achieve successful acquisitions while effectively managing financial and operational considerations.

  1. Collaborate with the client to define target company parameters.
  2. Conduct a discreet search for off-market target companies.
  3. Discuss search results and, if needed, refine the search with the client.
  4. Reach out to target companies, highlighting strategic advantages.
  5. Establish bilateral non-disclosure agreements with target companies.
  6. Obtain general financial information and discuss it with the client.
  7. Develop a financial model with the target company for merger scenarios.
  8. Discuss strategic options and synergies with the client.
  1. For asset purchases, review tax implications and corporate gains.
  2. For stock purchases, assist in managing contingent liability through insurance solutions.
  1. Draft non-binding letters of intent for the client.
  2. Present letters of intent to the target company, discussing advantages and options.
  3. Guide the target company in responding appropriately.
  4. Assist in negotiating deal points and finalize the offer to purchase.
  1. Support the client in the final due diligence process.
  2. Aid the client and legal counsel in negotiating purchase agreement terms.
  3. Facilitate a smooth closing process.
  4. If applicable, manage a third-party stock sale to optimize tax efficiency.

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